What do they mean?

Sometimes we are lazy and we use shortcuts, instead of the full form of word. We went for a coffee and we discussed about it. First in English and then Portuguese.

For example:

ATM [at the moment] – AGR
BCNU [be seeing you] – XAU
CUL [see you later] – T+
L8R [later] – dp
LOL [laughing out loud] -LOL/rsrs/haha/hehe
4U – p vc

We haven’t found any more, others like THX [thanks] are the same in Portuguese and English.

Marina also shared some useful phrases with me:

Congratulations on… – Parabéns por…

Congratulations on your graduation! – Parabéns por sua graduação!

Happy Anniversary! – Feliz aniversário!

Happy… – Feliz …!

Birthday greetings! – Parabéns! [they not saying happy b-day]

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! – Feliz Natal e próspero Ano Novo!

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