Italian film

As we thought, we stayed at Iris house to see another movie but this time in Italian, so that Marina and Amalia can improve it.

We saw welcome to the south, a well-known Italian comedy, it was awesome!


This is one of my favourite movies! It’s very simple but every time I watch it I find myself in a good humor! I have seen it like more than 10 times in Spanish haha so I was very easy to understand it in Italian as I already know what was going on. I loved watching it in its original language and I think I will watch the second one in Italian as well! Our meetings are coming to an end and I actually will miss it… So Iris gave me a list of good Italian movies to watch, i think I will watch them back in Spain so I don’t forget about all the Italian I have learnt! Hopefully I will be able to practice again soon and I am really looking forward to keep learning and maybe sign up for Italian lessons now that I know basics of it and I am capable of understand most of all and even speak!

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