Meeting in Pizzeria Luca

We went to an Italian restaurant today! We decided to learn some spanish in this meating. We went through how to say all the things that were around us in the restaurant, such as chair, table, etc. And again we thought that some expressions would be useful to be able to order food in Spain.


We got to practice a little bit! Marina and Amalia pretended to be waitress while Iris and Martina were the ones ordering food in Spanish, it was very fun for sure.

What a dinner! It was great and we felt like in school when we were playing the roles of waitress-costumer. Not to mention that the food was delicious, and it was Italian so we still had some Italian in this meeting, concretely in our stomachs!


Here is a short list with some of the things we learnt.








English                                    Spanish

Food Comida
Drink Bebida
Plate Plato
Glass Vaso
Knife Cuchillo
Fork Tenedor
Cutlery Cubiertos
Napkin Servilleta
Eat Comer
Drink Beber
Water Agua
Meat Carne
Fish Pescado
Potatoes Papas
Coffee Café
Table Mesa
Chair Silla
Waiter Camarero
Pub Bar
Ask for Pedir




We also learned some expressions like:


English                                                                         Spanish

Can you bring me the bill please? ¿Me puedes traer la cuenta porfavor?
Do you have meat/…? ¿Tienes carne/…?
A glass of water please Un vaso de agua, porfavor
How much is …..? ¿Cuanto cuesta…?
The toilet, please? ¿Donde esta el baño, porfavor?
A table for 5/… Una mesa para 5/…


This meeting has been wonderful, I had never taught anyone Spanish and I thought it would be more difficult, but because Italian is so similar to Spanish, everything has been easier to carry.  We have had a great time in the bar and Iris has learned a lot of new vocabulary about meals, I can not wait to learn it in Italian!

The pizza at this bar was fabulous and I already can order pizza in an Italian bar, or so I think 🙂



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