We went to a new cafe. There are many local cafes in Finland, not franchise cafes. The cafe was crowded with people and we had to wait for a seat. We talked about traveling with each other.

Ulla said that he had experience of going to Japan in Asia. We talked about the complicated traffic in Japan. In Japan, subway transit is very complicated. The path is long and it is hard for travelers. I have also been to Japan. I strongly agree.

And I talked about my episodes in Europe. A man ran in the subway with my bag. I was worried that he was stealing my bag, but as I found out, he was a friendly young man who picked up his load from the stairs.

And Ulla recommended the traditional market(Kauppahalli). I have to go. It was a place I would never have known if it was not for my friend’s help. So good.

Ulla recommended the place to travel. For example, Helsinki, Turku, Porvoo, Rauma, Lapland.

Finland has many forests and lakes. Our country is covered by tall buildings, so the view is narrow. Finland is good for the frontier. I do not feel uncomfortable. I have been to Helsinki a while ago. I felt a different atmosphere from Tampere. I decided to go on a trip to Ulla with Turks. It is expected. I want to go to Turk castle. Lapland is a good place to see the aurora. I wish I had the opportunity to see the aurora.

(Finally, I went there, turku castle!)L0L

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