We went to a pancake house near Ulla ‘s house. I feel like coming often somehow. (We have been there often since.)

We talked about the family and holiday of each country. Typical finnish family has 1-2 children. It’s similar Korea.


New year

vappu (drinking) party for working people and students, eating tippaleipä and drinking sima.

pääsiäinen (easter) children dress like a witch and go from door to door.

juhannus (midsummer festifal) people go see a big fire and drink alcohol.

Independence day on 6th of december,

Christmas. Probably the biggest celebration in Finland. Family members get together to eat.

Small ones:

Laskiainen: in winter, kids are playing in  snow

Halloween, mothers’ and fathers’ day….


new year : all family members gather around to appreciate their ancestor

  – food :tteok-guk

Chuseok : celebrating autumn’s successful harvest

  – food : song-pyeon

Along with Korean New Year’s Day (January 1 in the lunar calendar), 추석 is the most important national holiday in Korea, the day on which Koreans visit their ancestral hometowns and give thanks to their ancestors for the year’s harvest. Extended family members gather and enjoy a feast of traditional food such as special rice cake balls called 송편 (songpyeon). Inside rice balls, there are different ingredients, such as beans and honey-coated sesame seeds, and children love to find out what are hidden inside these balls.

Christmas : mariah carey’s all i want for christmas all over the street.

More like a couple thing. people tend to hangout outside not home.

On holiday in Finland, shops are closed. They spend time with their families.

However, our country is crowded with people on holidays. The business is better.

Finland is the 100th anniversary of independence this year.

We have a similar experience under the control of another country. The National Liberation Day of Korea is celebrated annually on August 15 in both North and South Korea. It commemorates Victory over Japan Day, in which the Korean Peninsula was liberated from Imperial Japanese colonial rule by the United States and the Soviet Union.

I could think more deeply about the history of our country. And I tried to explain history. It was the closest topic to the culture of our people. I learned more about Finland. Today was the most impressive class!!

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