04. FILM

We met at McDonald  in the evening. I did not know what summer time was. It’s my first experience. In Finland, the sun disappears early in the winter, but Finland have bluemoment. I really like it.

The three of us have something in common. Everyone is a Netflix fan. I recommended <strange things>and <okja>.

Ulla said she uses three platforms. Like Netflix and HBO Nordic and Vivaplay. I am curious about HBO nordic because Every time I watch a video on YouTube, I get to know it because of the ad. Ulla explained to uss. HBO is Nordic countries also make it together.

I can see yle in MediaPolice. It is said to be the national broadcasting of Finland operated by the public subscription fee.

I wrote down what we said in my notebook, and Ula asked me what I wrote. I usually write down like year, month, date. However, every european write Date, month,year. Every time I write a date, I get confused. It ‘s funny how it differs from how to write the date like this.

Last time, I went to the Finnkino. Subtitles appear in Swedish in film. It’s interesting. Finnish people are good at Swedish. Every time I watch a movie, I have a habit of reading Korean subtitles in Korea, but here is Finland. So I can’t understand a subtitle. I can understand only listening of English.

Every time I went to a film festival in Korea, I saw a Nordic movie. I used to admire the scenery every time I saw it. When I actually came, I really enjoyed the scenery.

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