On 29th of November, We had a meeting at Pella’s cafe.

The Finns drink a lot of coffee. Finland schools always have coffee breaks in the middle of classes. I was shocked. because we don’t have!

And Korea drinks more instant coffee than black coffee. It’s very sweet.

It is hard to find ice americano. In Korea, coffee with ice is popular. I think the hot coffee is the standard because ice tastes the taste of coffee.

and Foods with coffee. called pulla! I am big fan of pulla 🙂

And Ulla told the story. When eating a cake, the last piece is always left. I’m really excited about not eating the last piece. There is a slight atmosphere in our country. People all over the world are alike.

Alcohol was a topic that I could feel the most difference.

Finland’s alcohol is quite expensive. Compared to Korea. Finnish people drink lots of coffee. Koreans drink a lot, but drink more than that. In Finland, there are beer, vodca, long drink, and cider. Long drinks and cider are sweet and delicious. It is also the most drink in Finland that I loved. The traditional sake of Finland is kilju sahti pontikka.

The Finnish club sells salmiakki shot. She got blueberry shot mustikka-shotti recommended. Finnish people really love salmiakki.

I think that Alko was the most amazing. Korea can always buy alcohol anywhere. But Finland have a law. There is a time to buy alcohol at alko..

And There are soju, beer, rice wine, vodka, and cider in Korea. Makgeolli is traditional Korean liquor. Korean always eat drinks and snacks together. And we have a word, sul-zib. It means pub. but we have a pub also.

Korean always eat drinks and snacks together. we called anju. And we have a word, sul-zib. It means pub. but we have a pub also.

In Finland, you can have a driver’s license over 18 years old and buy regular alcohol. If you want to buy more than 22 degrees of alcohol, your age is over 20 years old.

But Korea can buy anything if it is over 19 years old.

And how to count birthdays was different. My country grows old when it is a new year, regardless of how many months I was born. But Finland said that the date of birth was the standard.

I think that ‘s right. The more you know, the better Finland.

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