It is a place I want to go too. There is no Christmas market in Korea.

They also sell food, carousels and handcrafted artifacts. I saw a lot of knit socks in particular.

Among them I bought my favorite sugar almonds. I’ve been to Ulla and Turk before, and I remember sharing it with Ulla. Almonds are so delicious. Why do not you sell in Korea? I am so sad about that.

There were many people in the Christmas market. When it snowed, it was crowded with people. I felt like a real Christmas came.

After I went to the market, We went to a nearby cafe. We talked about student loans in Finland. Finland was a very well-educated country, so it had a really good system.

In Korea, tuition fees are very high and support is provided in the country, but it is difficult to receive support. Finland, however, says tuition is free. So envy. And nowadays, the semester is over and the grades come out. Finland is Absolute evaluation system, not relative evaluation. So good. It was a good opportunity to learn more about Finnish university students.

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