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10. Shopping

We met 2 days in a row. Because everybody is leaving now.. Yesterday was our final session. Part of me was happy to finally end all the school things but at the same time I was so sad to have our good-bye time.

Anyways, We had a meeting at Café Siilinkari. I’ve always wanted to go there but never had a chance to do so. So before everybody leaves, I suggested to go there.

We discussed what to talk about for the last session and Ulla mentioned christmas shopping. Yes! It’s the time of the year. I personally really like to shopping even though I make no money. So that intrigues me and we started to learn words and phrases about shopping intensively.

What really confused me was the difference among ‘ return / refund / exchange ‘

We only habe 2 concepts ; refund & exchange in Korea.

But Ulla said that there are 3 of them and have a slightly different meaning between return / refund.

Another thing that’s interesing to me was that it’s not a problem if you say ‘buy banana’ or ‘banana buy’ in Finnish. She said it doesn’t matter that much whether you put them in orders or reverse. Compared to English and Korean, orders in sentence doesn’t really affect the original meaning. It was very interestig to know.

And there we are, from 15th September to 19th of December, shared some cultural experience and knowledge and also friendship 💖

I was so happy to meet my EOTO friends and will keep in touch.

9. Christmas Market

On 18th of December, We went to chirstmas market held in keskustori.

Ah, I can’t believe it’s already christmas! I felt like I just got to Tamapere like only 2 days ago but Christmas is coming ! I can’t describe all the feelings that are on my mind now. But I know for sure time really flies.

Tampere’s Christmas Market was really pretty. It’s not too big but not so small. It’s typical Tampere stule. I’ve been to some christmas markets before but I’ll remember this place more than any other christmas market. Even though I’ve been the famous German christmas market!

Although sun goes down really, really fast here all the lights decorating christmas market enlightened my mind.

In Korea, there is no such thing as Christmas Market. That’s why this christmas market really means a lot to me. Looking around the market with my dear friends Ulla and Yonjei, I could feel the genyine christmas spirit 😊



8. Wine evening

On 9th of December, We had a wine evening 🙂

I was so thrilled to have this wine evening because I like to drink alcohol with my dear friends.

For the perfect evening , We first gathered around at Alko located in the basement of Stockmann. In Alko, they sell drinks which contains over 22% of alcohol. I really enjoyed wandering around the shops, looking at thousands (maybe exaggerated) of bottles of drinks. We wanted some sweet taste of wine so we narrowed our options to red wine since most of all white wine’s taste are dry and not that sweet. I didn’t know that white wines are dry before Ulla told me so. I’m kind of ignorant about alcohols.

We looked at the each bottles of wine for 20 minute and finally decided to have this :


And we also shopped some snacks and ciders in market.

Especially I was so excited to try Glögi for the first time. I heard that Winter is the season of this Glögi but never had a chance to try it. In Korea, I don’t think people usually drink glögi.
I really loved that idea of drinking warm Glögi in the cold winter. It makes sense and so appropriate. It’s a way of surviving cold winter.

We set the table and enjoyed our wine evening with Netflix.
We watched the horror movie ‘Temple’.

Even though I’m not good at watching those horror movies, I would say it’s the lamest movie that I saw. I felt like I wasted the whole time I spend watching it. Yonjei even fell asleep.

But besides that, It was a fun night.

7. Baking

On 2nd December was a baking day.

We baked Finnish breads (I don’t remember the name) at Ulla’s place.
I’ve never baked something before so I got little worried that we have to do all the stuffs from making some flour dough to baking those in the oven. But It was an easier process  than I thought. It’s more likely just putting already made flour dough into the oven.

Ulla had setup everything that is needed to make this bread.
All we had to do was :
1.  just cut the sides of square flour dough
2.  put jams in the middle of it
3.  fold cut sides of the dough to make shapes
4.  put those into the oven
5.  wait, and pour some sugar powder onto finished one.

And there you go ! Here’s some delicious looking bread ( I still don’t remember the name)

Ulla asked me if I’ll have some snack while waiting breads to be baked and I said yes.
She gave me these biscuit, margarine & cheese and It taste amazing. Now It’s my favorite snack since then.

Here’s the list of words related to this session that I made on my own.

6. Drinks

On 29th of November, We talked about drinks !

We had a meeting at Pella’s cafe. I ordered a minttukaakao and the clerk asked me if I wanted some alcohol in there. I was kinda surprised that you can put alcohol in menus in the cafe. In Korea, It’s not common to offer alcohol in the cafe.

So we started to talk about drinks starting from coffee.
I really enjoy drinking Kahvi  here because  of  its light taste. I like to poor milk in the coffee little bit more than the average amount and put 2 cubes of sugar. That way I can have mild taste ( my way of describing taste)  coffee. Ulla explained it’s very common to have ‘pulla’  with your coffee when coffee break or home party.

When I was in Korea I rarely drink coffee than here because there are always better choices of sweet menus like hot chocolate or strawberry smoothie but  also I don’t like the uncomfortable feelings after drinking coffee. But now that I think of, It is probably just because I drank instant coffee. You see, there are instant coffee usually called ‘mix coffee’ in Korea and it makes you to have a cup of coffee in a very convenient way.

There are some coffee bean powder, prime and sugar in 1 stick of mix coffee. All you have to do is just tear the vinyl sick, pour the contents in the cup and put some water. And now you’re ready to have some coffee! It taste very sweet and somehow, in my personal experience,  leaves uncomfortable feeling inside your mouth after drinking it.


We moved on to ‘ Alcohol ‘

Finnish people usually have beer, cider, long drink, vodka and wine for their alcohol drinks. Ulla let us know the name of some traditional beer : kilja, sahti, pontikka Igrain or sugar)
taditional beer : kilja, sahti, pontikka (grain or sugar)
 I’ve never had a long drink before I got here and by the time I drank it for the first time, It became my favorite alcohol.
Additionally, Ulla also told us that people in here like to mix vodka and kossubattery ( energy drinks) up. I’ve never tried that but I truly want to try.
When you want to cheer up when drinking, you got to say      ” Kippis !

You can buy alcohol when you’re over age 18 but for those with above 22% percentage of alcohol you have to be at least 20.







Korean usually drink soju, beer, vodka, and makgeolli.
Soju is traditional vodka in Korea. There are new  sweater soju with various fruit flavor since original soju can be a bit bitter. I personally don’t like those fruit taste soju because everytime I drink it I have a such a bad hangover.

People also like to mix soju and beer. It’s called ‘so-meak’ and It’s one of my favorite drinks. In my opinion beers in Korea taste really bad but if you make ‘so-meak’ out of it somehow neutralize soju’s bitter taste and beer’s watery taste and turn into perfect alcohol.

And we have this ‘Makgeolli’, traditional alcohol with fermented rice. This has a sweet taste so that It’s very easy to drink a lot but you have to be careful not to be drunken so fast.

You have to be over 19 years old to purchase alcohol.

We say “건배~”(geonbae) or “짠~”(jjan) when cheering up.

5. Music

We went to our favorite place, Kahvila Luttunen again on 14th of November. But since cafe closes at 18:00 pm, we decided to move place to Ulla’s home. It was the first time to visit her place. She lives in an apartment very near from the city AND PANCAKE CAFE so I was really envy of that since I live in the very far Lukkonmaki. Seriously, It takes 1 hour to get to school from home. I’m always late for school in the morning.

Back to the point, Session5 was be about Music.

We named each country’s famous / typical bands quite known world wide.

Ulla said that most of Finnish like to listen Metal / Heavy Metal Rock genre.

  1. HIM

    HIM (sometimes stylized as H.I.M.) is a Finnish gothic rock band from Helsinki, Finland. HIM is one of the most commercially successful Finnish bands of all time, with sales of over ten million records. The band have released eight studio albums, five compilations, three video releases, and two box sets, along with one live and one remix album. HIM’s music and their logo, the heartagram, have also appeared in several films and TV series, such as The Thirteenth FloorTransformersViva La Bam and LA Ink. (source : Wikipedia)
    Ulla was very surprised by the fact that I’ve never heard of them. I didn’t know this Finnish band is very famous around the world before Ulla explained. Maybe because I don’t listen to rock music very often.
  2. The Rasmus

    I was so happy when I finally hear something familiar with me among the all the lists that I’ve never heard and known of. At first, I didn’t think that I know this band because I didn’t remember name of the band. But then Ulla played song ‘In the shadows’ which is one of the hit song worldwide and I noticed that I know this song. This song has very impressive intro and as soon as I listen this unique guitar string sounds I remember that I used to listen this sometimes when I was in middle school or something. Somehow I felt proud of myself (?) and relieved that my music range was not that narrow.According to Ulla, Most Finnish traditional songs sounds sad and glory. For example, there is ‘Finlandia hymn’ which is one of the most important national songs of Finland

In Korea, music trends are shifting almost every year. I would say we are quite sensitive about this trend and various genres of songs exist in the lists of song rankings.

  1. Idols (known as K-pop)
  2. R&B
  3. Hip-Hop
  4. Indie band

4. Movies and Dramas

On 5th of November, We gather around at Mcdonald to have Session 4. We started our conversation with ‘Netflix’. I’ve recently started to watch Netflix after I came to Tampere. I got bored sometimes when I’m home all day and I needed a entertainments so badly. Almost everyone around me is watching Netflix here. But in Korea It is not that popular platform among people. Anyways, Yonjei recommended us to watch ‘Stranger Things’.

It’s a Netflix Original and she warned me that It can scary in some parts. I had just glanced the poster once or twice back then so I thought it would be not my style of drama at all because I hate to watch horror drama. But It turned out to be pretty awesome and interesting dramas and now I really love watching it.

After Yonjei’s few recommendations we shared our Netflix moments.

I suggested them to watch ‘Good Place’ , ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ ‘Chewing Gum’. All series which I really enjoyed.

Ulla also mentioned that she uses not only Netflix but HBO Nordic and Via Play which are similar video contents platform. I realized that reason why those kind of platforms are not commercialized well compared to other country could be the tendency of Koreans to watch domestic TV dramas or shows than Foreign contents.

What’s to notice is, there is no single dubbed TV shows or movies in Finland. Finnish says that probably can be reason why all finns are so good at English since they have to hear and understand English with some efforts not just listen to pre-dubbed their mother tongue.

More to the Netflix subject, We decided to learn each country’s term on Movies & Dramas.

This is the another list of words that I looked up on my own :

14.12.2017 Our Last Meeting!

10th meeting : words about make up & living culture

When we travel other country, we do shopping!! So, this time we learned some words about cosmetic and make up. And we recommend some good cosmetics in each country also.

After we learned some words, we talked about living cultures. We do quite similar activities when hang out with friends. For example, we go ‘karaoke’ very often. Karaoke in our country is different from karaoke in Finland. There are many rooms and we sing in that room instead of the stage. Also, there are some street that can buy cheap clothes and other stuff so we usually go there with friends.

I was surprised that eating out in China is quite cheap! It costs almost half compare with Korea. China and Korean have good delivery services. Especially, in Korea, restaurants deliver our food to everywhere even in the park or street! we can order and eat almost every food in the outside like park ! We really miss these things.

This was the last time of our EOTO meeting! However, we’ll contact each other continuously in the future. It was a really good chance to meet foreign friends and learn not only the language but also their culture!

13.12.2017 Month & Day

9th meeting : month and day

Month and day are really related to number so we choose this to 9th topic!

In Korea, when we say day, we use words from Chinese so I thought in China, they use same Chinese characters but they are different!  We use ‘月 火 水 木 金 土 日’ for day . 

However when we say day in Chinese, we just put number behind the word, ‘xing qi’ that means day. And when we say month in Chinese, we also just put number in front of the word ‘yue’ that means month.

Also, we learned about holidays in China and Korea like  ‘mid-autumn festival’ and spring festival.

9.12.2017 Numbers!

8th meeting _ number

This time, we learned about numbers. Number is a one of the most important and basic part so we decided to learn this. In Korea, we also learn numbers in Chinese letter but the pronunciation is totally different.

However, when we order something or buy something we should use ‘liang’ instead of ‘er'(2) because 2 has a different meaning. The form of number is same. For example, 21 is ‘er shi yi’ in Chinese and ‘e sip il’ in Korean. Both are compose of 20 and 1. 36 is ‘san shi liu’ in Chinese and ‘sam sip yuk’ in Korean.

In Korean, we have 2 types of number and use a correct type in the situation.

For example, when we read a number we use the first type but when we count a number we use the second type.

We learned some expressions that can use the number.

years old : sui (Chinese) / sal (Korean)

.(point) : dian (Chinese) / jum (Korean)