For the fourth meeting, Vera, Viivi and I decided to cook as the brave human been we are. For this time we dediced that I should cook an Spanish omelette, eventhough the esthetic result was not the expected, the taste was great (at leats they told me that).

Peruna/pottu Potatoe Patata
Kananmuna Egg Huevo
Panny Pan Sartén
Veitsi Knife Cuchillo
Lautanen Plate Plato
Haarukka Fork Tenedor
Lusikka Spoon Cuchara
Kissa Cat Gato
Jäákaappi Fridge Nevera/Frigorífico
Sipuli Onion Cebolla
Uuni Oven Horno
Oljy Oil Aceite
Lasta Spatula Espátula


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