Afrikan tähti and some snacks

It has been so long that we have been able to meet together. I think I haven’t been able to meet Neea in like 3-4 months and Teresa maybe in two.  I was so excited to see them after this long of a time. We all thought that the first meeting after this long of a time should be a little more casual than usual so we thought that we should meet at Neea’s and eat some snacks and play some board games. So I was the healthy one eating grapes and baby carrots and Neea and Teresa ate pizzas. At the same time it was so cool to see Neea’s place because she had just moved some time ago. After eating it was time to play some board games and what could be more Finnish that Afrikan tähti, the star of Africa. For our suprise Teresa told that she had already played the game before and she warned us that she is pretty good at that. Well we didn’t believe that Teresa could really have that good of luck with the game until she beat us two times in a row in about half of an hour I think. After that we had to admit that she is unbeatable at that! I also advised her to buy one and take it with her to Spain because she can beat her family members and friends. Well we did a little learning among playing Afrikan tähti, we told Teresa what is a gangster, money and some jewels were in Finnish. After all we had a really fun time again, and it was really cool that everyone could make it and we had a really nice reunion. Can’t wait to meet again soon.


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