Reunion after years!

Hello again! The last meeting was amazing! Maris, Neea and I had a meeting after since last year so Neea invited us to her new home and catch up with our lives after the Christmas break. We bought pizzas for Neea and me, while Maris decided to eat a healthier lunch hahaha. We decided to make a culture learning meeting so we talked about differences between Finland and Spain in food, weather, people, we also talked about traveling, about what it means to us and future plans for the summer. Finañlly we play some typical Finnish games. One of them I played before, it was about finding the diamond in Africa and it was born in Finland but the other one I had no idea about it and it was fun although it´s not a Finnish game.

We really hope we can meet more often and we are planning to go skating some day or to some museums.


See you soon! BTW I leave here some photos of the lovely afternoon 🙂

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