4th meeting: Writing Chinese

This week we decided once again meet at school due to my busy schedule with other school work. Today we wanted to improve our knowledge in Chinese and Finnish. I decided to teach Min some of the items of clothing in Finnish and vice versa.Min did a great job learning all the new words even though some of them (like farkut and pusero) are pretty tricky especially when it comes to pronunciation.

I on the other hand tried my best to remember the same words in Chinese. It was very surprising to notice that some of the words reminded English even though they are two completely different languages. For example, “jacket” is “jia ke”. Min told me that this is because some of those clothes are not traditional in China so they simply didn´t have the words for them. However, when they became popular in China, people started calling them the same as in English. Only the spelling changed a little bit.

I also practiced writing some words and short phrases in Chinese. And it was pretty difficult, I have to say. A lot of patience and precision was definitely needed. I did mostly okay but I still have a lot to learn.

All in all, I really enjoyed this meeting!

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