Board Games and Chilling



After a long time, we finally able to meet all three of us. We decided to meet in my place and eat something and play Finnish board games. I’d just moved during the holidays, so I was really excited to show them the apartment. Also, a big part of our meeting this time was to see how everyone was doing since we haven’t met in a long time because of the holidays.

During eating we discussed everything between land and sky but mostly about Spanish and Finnish cultural differences and weather since Teresa had visited Spain during the holidays and it had been almost 20 degrees there. That’s really crazy to think when you look outside here in Finland. We explained her the meaning of “loska”, Finnish word for snow when it’s more like slush and how it differents on “räntä”, Finnish “loska” raining from the sky but before it hits the ground.

We played for example Afrikan tähti (Afrika’s star) since it’s a board game designed and made in Finland. I though I was good in the game, but Teresa ended up winning twice, how embarrassing for Finns! During the game we learned some of the terms related to that game in Finnish and Spanish but had too much fun to start getting papers and writing them down. Maybe we’ll have to have another game night to remember them 😉

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