First meeting at TAMK

Our first meeting was at TAMK’s library. We thought it would be the best place to start this course and the meetings. At the start we plan little bit our meetings more before we started our conversations.

We started to speak Finnish by reading two conversations out loud. Färhad had those conversations in Finnish from other course. In the other conversation was talked about where are you living and in the other one was talked about eating and they decided to go to eat pizza. Those small conversations were spoken Finnish. Also Färhad wrote some Finnish questions down and asked them from me and I answered in Finnish. Questions was for example “mitä kuuluu”, “missä asut” and “milloin olet muuttanut Tampereelle”. Teaching was fun! But some things were hard to explain in English. For example it was hard to explain why question “milloin olet muuttanut Tampereelle” is better than “milloin olet tullut Tampereelle” in that case you have been living in Tampere a long time. I think my skills to teach and explain things will get better during the meetings.

After speaking Finnish was my time to speak English. Before the first meeting I was really afraid about that how it’s going to go. I don’t like to speak English in the places where somebody can hear you. But it wasn’t that bad what I had imagine. Färhad asked me general questions about my hometown, family and studies etc. It was hard to answer fluently to some of those questions (for example studies) because I didn’t remember all vocabulary. But it went pretty well for the first meeting and it was easy to answer questions which was familiar to me. I will be better!

First meeting was great and useful. I’m really excited about these meetings! Before we finished our first meeting we planned when and where to meet next time.

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