Second meeting in Campus cafe

We meeting with Ilia in campus cafe at friday  16.2 time 11.30.

Now we have with textbooks. We can teach each others. We start pronunciation. I try express russian alphabets and Ilia repair my express. Russian s have  many forms and them are difficult separate. Then Ilia try express finnish alphabets. Almost all go right but ä, y and ö is difficult express.

We speak normal questions, like “What is your name”, “my name is Miika”. “Nice to meet you” or “where you are from?” Ilia explain to me russian culture and what you can´t say unknown people or known people.

It was little stressful try learn russia because I´m not good understand english and I don´t understand much what Ilia speak english. We talking 2 hours together and it time passed fast. It was good and nice experience learn russia.

To next time we writing short story from own life on own language.

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