Second meeting at TTY

Our second meeting was at TTY. Today was really sunny and beautiful day but we still stayed inside. We decided to begin with my English skills and after that we switched the language to Finnish. I asked did Färhad know some good videos about the speaking English and he showed really good videos. We watched two of those videos which told us how you talk when you are on phone and small talking in business meeting and conference. Videos raised few questions for me because there was words and phrases I didn’t knew or remember. Videos were really useful and I’m going to watch and use those more! Speaking English is so clear in the videos that you will understand everything. I really recommend to watch those! Here is link to the video which is about speaking on the phone. After that I thought that I would try to speak on the phone and use videos phrases to help me during the speaking but we didn’t have time for that because we started from questions. But I want to try it sometime!

After the videos Färhad asked few questions from me. I told what kind of magazines I read and do I like reading. Also we discuss mobile phones and its side effects to human. Färhad showed me one picture about phone which is changed to prison. It really made me think my answer. If you want to see the picture you can google it by “banksy modern prison”. I didn’t want to put the picture here because the copyrights. I think my speaking English was little bit better what it was last time. I had a lot more courage to speak it and I think my weekend helped me a lot with that. I had riding lessons in English so I had to used it!

Then we started to have a conversation in Finnish. Färhad wanted to know how to order food at the restaurant or fast food restaurant. These sentences and words were easier to explain if I had to explain something. Also it was really nice to notice how much Färhad knows already Finnish words. It is nice to teach the language when he have some familiar words where to link the new ones! Next time we will see at Tampere city centre.

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