Second Meeting——Direction and appellation in Slovenian

Today we learn the direction and appellation in Slovenian. The following is the words:

Slovenian English
sever north
sug south
vzhod east
zahod west
gor up
dol down
levo left
desno right
napres forward
nazas backwards
spredas front
zadas back
Slovenian English
mama mom
ata/oce dad
brat brother
sestra sister
babica grandma
dedek grandpfather
hcerka daughter
sin son


From this learning, I find that the pronunciation of mom is very similar in the word.Different countries’ languages have the common voice.

Nowadays more than 6,000 spoken languages of human beings are similar in pronunciation and have similar meanings, especially the terms referring to family members and relatives like Mom and Dad. One linguist says that because babies are likely to associate the first sound they would make with the person they first knew – parents.

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