Second Meeting At TUT Library

In our second Each one teach one meeting at TUT library. We found that the pronunciation of the alphabet in Chinese and Slovene are different, therefore, we prepare some materials to have a good understanding of the different pronounce.


Chinese alphabet ( Slovene alphabet)

A  a , B  b, C  c, C  che, D  d, E  ei, F  f, G  g, H  he, I  i, J  ye, K  k, L  l, M  m, N  n,

O  o, P  p, R  r, S  se, S  she, T  t, U  u, V  vo, Z  zi, Z  ri,


Some pronounce of the alphabets in Slovene are quite special for me to do that, like R, which is similar to Finnish R, I have no idea to pronounce such kind of special pronunciation. But my friend Timi helped me a lot, every time I make mistakes in pronunciation, he always corrected me. So happy to learn a foreign language with them.

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