1. First Meeting at TAMK

I had my first meeting with my partner who is going to teach me Finnish language and I am going to help her with English spoken skills. We met at TAMK and we started by getting to know each other. We gave a little introduction and told about ourselves to each other. Then, we shared our plans/ideas on how to learn the languages from each other and which parts do we lack in.

We made a rough draft on how we will proceed with learning the languages. For example, I asked her to help me translate sentences from Finnish to English and then I will learn them and she could then take a small test to see how I am progressing. We tried to keep it simple, no complex things like grammar as we both just need to be able to communicate in daily life.

Also, we decided the place where we would go in the next meeting (which is Tampere public library) and where can or should meet in upcoming meetings. Our first meeting was quite fun and now we know a little about each other so we will be more comfortable in communication and learning next time.

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