Our First Meeting

We had our first meeting at TAMK. During the meeting, we talked about our schedule and what we want to achieve during the course. The aim is that I will teach Hamza Finnish and he will help me to speak more fluent English.  I found out that Hamza already knows some words in Finnish, which is a good start. He is also willing to learn more. We talked, that I will help him for example to translate some sentences from English to Finnish.

During the meeting we got to know each other by telling about ourselves, our families, things we are interested in and for example where we have been travelling. For me it`s always interesting to hear stories from people with different backgrounds.

Now when we know each other, it will be easier to meet and start the teaching. We decided that our next meeting is going to be in the public library. All in all, I am very excited about this course and I`m looking forward to  what it will bring.

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