Second Meeting at Tampere Public Library

We had our second meeting at the Public library in Tampere (Pääkirjasto Metso). We met outside the building and then went inside together. I haven’t been to that library before so it was a new experience for me. Overall, i liked the library and there were a lot of books in foreign languages. I also found some literature books in my own native language, which I was not expecting to be there as it is a rare language in Europe but it was good to see them there.

We started by looking around, checking out some of the books. I wanted to read Shakespeare’s Hamlet and we tried finding the book in the library. We found the book but after a lot of search . After that, we had a chat for more than 1 hour. We talked in English. The discussion was mainly on different topics but it was fun. We a talked a bit about finnish language too. Then we scheduled our next meeting and left It was a nice day!

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