Third Meeting at School Library

We had our third meeting in the library at TAMK. There I managed to find a quite place with free table so it was easy for us to sit down and communicate without disturbing others. We started off in english with day to day questions. After that, Henna helped me in translating some sentences from English to Finnish which I wrote in my notebook so I could memorize them later.

Then, she started asking questions from me in Finnish language and I had to answer them in Finnish language. I understood almost all her questions but there were some words I did not understood so I had to ask her to repeat them several times. It was difficult for me to answer immediately as this was the first time I was having a long conversation with someone in Finnish. I was not spontaneous but it was a new experience which made me realized how much bad I was at speaking Finnish Language. After a nice conversation, we ended our meeting and will meet now in the next week.

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