Birthday party

Our fourth meeting was at my place 28.10.2017, because we were celebrating my 20th birthday! We were drinking ( a lot ), ate cake, played cards against humanity ( and came to conclusion that we are horrible people, especially Irene, she won. ), and talked a lot. My friends from school met my friends outside of school and we had fun. I actually translated one finnish song to Irene, it’s called Rusketusraidat which means tanning lines. Song is about rebellious girl whose parents are conservative.

Spanish – English – Finnish

Ojo/s – eye/s – silmä/t

Panche – punch – booli

Fiesta – party – juhlat/bileet/pippalot

Corazón – heart – sydän

Cerveza – beer – olut/ kalja / bisse

Cubata – longdrink – lonkero

Tarta – cake – kakku

Pastel – pie – piirakka

Vino – wine – viini

Líneas de bronceado – tanning lines ( song) – rusketusraidat

Lavendería – laundry – pyykki

Velas – candles – kynttilä

Tatuaje – tattoo – tautointi

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