8. Meeting at UTA

Today we met at University of Tampere. We were at library. We explained words and guessed them. Färhad explained in Finnish and I in English. It was fun like before. Färhad explained great. We used this word generator to help us to choose words what to explain. Our guessing and conversation led us to these Finnish phrases: “Koko Kokko kokoo koko kokkoa koko kokolla,
koko kokolla kokoo koko kokko koko kokkoa” and “Keksijä Keksi keksi keksin. Keksittyään keksin, keksijä Keksi keksi keksin keksityksi”. These were almost too hard to say quickly also for me. Färhad looked confused when he heard those. We also talked about current news.

I had this word “quilt” which meaning I didn’t knew and I explained it like word “guilty”. But it was still really good explanation. 😀 Today I was little bit tired because I had three night shifts before. But still my speaking was okay. We started with Finnish so it helped me to get used to translating again. These meetings are so fun and I’m not afraid anymore to speak English.

I forgot to take picture so we have to be without now.


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