Fifth Meeting at Indian Restaurant

All 3 of us met next day after our fourth meeting at an Indian Restaurant for Lunch. We chose this place because Henna wanted to eat the things I eat in my country. Even though I am not an Indian but our food is quite similar.

We met outside the restaurant at 11 in the morning for the lunch buffet. I tried to explain them a little about the food but there were some dishes which even I was not sure about so we just tried them together and the food was delicious. We all liked it and after eating we sat there and started having discussion about different things. Henna told us some Finnish words related to food. For example, “Kastike” which means sauce.

Everyone was in a hurry and we were half of our time was spent eating so we didn’t really had a long meeting but it was still productive because we spoke a little Finnish and Henna spoke English with us.

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