Fourth Meeting At School (Y-kampus)

We had our fourth meeting at school in Y-kampus and this time we had a new person who joined our group as their group broke up and she wanted to continue learning Finnish Language. Me and Henna met Elise for the first time and she was quite willing to learn Finnish language.

Anyway, after the initial introduction we discussed our future schedule and the strategy to use to learn finnish language. Then, Henna gave us some situations in which we both had to speak in Finnish language. We started with a situation in which I was the bus driver and Elise had to buy a ticket from me in Finnish Language. It was difficult for both of us but we managed to do it somehow. Then, we reversed the roles and this time I had to buy bus ticket from her. This time it went better than before because we already knew what to say.

The next scenario was based in a super market where we had to ask the shop worker to help us find something from the market. She started by asking me to help find apples. Then again we switched the roles and spoke in Finnish. This way we were practicing our speaking skills because we already knew the basic word but we couldn’t speak them due to lack of practice.

Overall, the meeting went quite well and then we had to leave. We decided to meet next day at a restaurant.

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