How much is that?

Our third meeting took place at Y-kampus premises on Wednesday 21th. The topics addressed were related to a typical situation on the street. For instance, we learned the numbers, currency, how to ask for prices and very important and common in our cultures how to bargain.

Here the basic numbers from 1 to 10.

một- uno- one

hai- dos- two

ba- tres- three

bốn- cuatro- four

năm- cinco- five

sáu- seis- six

bảy- siete- seven

tám- ocho- eight

chín- nueve- nine

mười- diez- ten

How much is that? Cuánto está eso? cái này bao nhiêu tiền?

For bargaining: nada menos? giảm giá

Currency: Sol (Peru) đồng (Vietnam)


During this meeting I could realize that Spanish in more straightforward than Vietnamese, considering the pronunciation and writing, well of course, both are languages derived from the same branch.

I also would like to share a video that my partner showed me in order to improve my pronunciation with the numbers. I found it pretty useful and funny. Check it out:

Other topics we talked about in this meeting was about directions,

How do I get to this place? Cámo llego a este lugar? Làm sao để đến dia chi này?

Rigth- derecha- phải

Left- izquierda- trái

straight- de frente- thẳng


For the next meeting we are planning to cook some food, will be a little hard to get all the ingredients but let’s see how it plays out.

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