Joining a new group

This meeting was actually an introduction all over again, due to my previous group that happened to split up. Luckely I was able to join another pair quickly.

My first meeting with Henna and Hamza was at TAMK in the y-kampus. We introduced ourselves to each other and discussed about our goals for the course. They were really open and that was a good way to catch up with their process so far. I discovered that Hamza and I were both interested to practice our Finnish. Henna is our Finnish teacher and she develops her English by talking to us.

After introducing, Henna gave Hamza and me some cases to practice our Finnish. We started with a conversation about buying a ticket (=lippu) from the bus driver. After doing it once, we switched roles. We did the same thing with a conversation about finding apples in a supermarket. I learned “on the left” (= vasemmalla) and “on the right” (= oikealla) in Finnish.

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