A B C…. the alphabet

It’s Chi again!

Me and Pedro had our 2nd meeting at y-campus last Friday 16th of March. We follow the plan we discussed before the meeting which was to talk about our alphabet. Since the majority of Asian languages are written with symbol (Thai, Cambodian, Chinese, Japanese,…) and as Pedro doesn’t know much about Vietnam, he was quite surprise to know that Vietnamese actually has the Latin-based alphabet which mean we have normal letters like A B C … similar to English and Spanish. Vietnamese alphabet has 12 vowels while Spanish alphabet has only 6 vowels like English, therefore Vietnamese pronunciation is more complicated and hard for new learners. In additional, Vietnamese langue has some pair of consonant in which has some similarity with Spanish in pronunciation. For instant: TH = Z; KH = J; NH = ñ; GI = LL.

After the alphabet, we discussed about greeting phased. Peru people or Spanish speaking people have greeting phases for morning, afternoon and night like in English: Buenos dias! – good morning, Buenas tardes – good afternoon, buenas moches – good night. In contrast, Vietnamese people usually only use one greeting word which is Chào or Xin chào which means Hello. We don’t really say good morning or good afternoon but sometime say Chúc ngủ ngon which means have I nice sleep.

Finally, we talked a bit about pronounces as in Vietnanese, it’s something very different from English. We have a lot f pronounce and we use different pair of pronounce as I and You when talking to male or female younger or older than use. We also have different pronounce for each family member like parents, grandparents, uncle and aunt. I found out that in Spanish they have something similar but simpler since they change the pronounce and some of the word when talking to elderly to so respect.

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