9. Skype meeting

I have practical training in ambulance and that’s why we can’t meet face to face because I’m in Satakunta. But today we had conversations by Skype! I helped Färhad to find good layout to cv in Finnish. Then we translated Haloo Helsinkis song “Hulluuden Highway” in English. Färhad found that one already in English but I checked that it is okay translation. It is really strange to translate the songs in English because then songs meaning doesn’t always be the same what it is in Finnish. I helped Färhad to translate Zen Cafés song “Talo”. There was few sentences which was hard to translate for example “Ja joitain joiden ois pitänyt olla aivan erittäin ja aivan erilail”. This sentence doesn’t have any straight point what is my opinion. 😀 So hard and funny.

After the songs Färhad asked questions about the work in English and I answered. Some questions are in the picture and you can see those when you click the picture bigger! Questions were really good and hard but I answered to those. It was nice that questions were harder now and I had to think all the time I spoke. We had almost two weeks break with the meetings but I think that it was also good thing to our learning. Now I can see have I learnt something or not. I think this conversation were still really good to compare the conversations before. It wasn’t exactly fluent English but good English and I’m happy that I haven’t forgot everything yet. 🙂


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