Fourth meeting

Ignasi’s family is visiting Finland, and we happened to be on the same train from Tampere to Helsinki, so we had a meeting on the train.  Earlier this spring, we had bought Ignasi a Finnish children’s book to read. It was hard to find one that was easy enough for a beginner, but also not for babies.  We ended up buying something called Paten Kalastuskirja. This time he had brought the book with him, so we decided to translate the first chapter together.

It was harder than I thought! I hadn’t realized while choosing the book that there’s a lot of past tense. Luckily there is some dialogue in the book that will be in present tense, but this first chapter was definitely pretty challenging. I think Ignasi did really well despite everything. He could actually get the gist of a few sentences even without my help.  Translating from a book really made me realize how oddly Finnish works compared to English, because it was pretty tough to explain why we use a certain conjugation or even a verb in a certain spot.

After translating these two pages, Ignasi taught me some words and verbs of the same subject. Here’s my list of vocabulary from today:

To go – Ir

To leave – Salir

To fish – Pescar

Amazing – Asombroso/Alucinante

Place – lugar

Age – Edad

Hobby – Aficion

Duck – Pato

To hunt ducks – Cazar patos

Moose – Reno

Berries – Frutas de bosque

To hate – Odiar

I also learned that in Spanish you call an alive fish and a dead fish with different words, which is pretty interesting. A fish in the water is “pez”, and a fish that’s dead and will be cooked is “pescado”.

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