Animals and coffee!

And the 10th and last post for me has arrived…Today we decided to go to Neea´s flat in order to have some coffe and talk and learn some Finnish and Spanish words. Today´s topic was animals. The three of us really like animals and we wanted to know the names of them in other languaje. Talking about this topic was really fun because we discover the meaning of some films or cars that we always heard but never knew it was an animal name in other langauje. Also we thought about how interesting is that there are a lot of words that are very similar in Finnish and Spanish considering the big distance beetween both countries.

This is the list of animales we learnt:

  • Kissa-gato-cat
  • Koira-perro-dog
  • Pupu-conejo-rabbit
  • Marsu-cobaya-guinea pig
  • Delfiini-delfín-dolphin
  • Lehmä-vaca-cow
  • Hevonen-caballo-horse
  • Lammas-oveja-sheep
  • Sika-cerdo-pig
  • Possu-cerdito-little pig
  • Tipu-pollito-chick
  • Kukko-gallo-cock
  • Lintu-pájaro-bird
  • Karhu-oso-beard
  • Perhonen-mariposa-butterfly
  • Kettu-zorro-fox
  • Susi-lobo-wolf
  • Lepakko-murciélago-bat
  • Norsu-elefante-elephant
  • Leijona-leon-lion
  • Apina-mono-monkey
  • suklaa-chocolate
  • Suklaamuna-huevo de chocolate- chocolate egg


This is my last post, altough Maris, Neea and I will keep meeting and learning about our cultures and having fun. I´ve really enjoyed this each one teach one course as it´s a big opportunity to learn finnish culture and people!


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