Tallipiha: puoti, sheeps and chocolate!

After the dark and cold winter…we finally managed to meet the three of us! Maris decided to go to Tallipiha to learn a little about the history and to visit a new place in Tampere. Tallipiha is a place situated at 5 minutes from the city center, and it was a stable for horses in the past. Nowadays,  it is an area where different events are held like the Christmas market, activities for children or concerts in summer.

First, we had a lovely coffee in a lovely cafeteria in Tallipha and then we decided to see the different puoti or little shops from the area. We fell in love with these little shops as everything was handmade but very expensive for a student´s budget 🙁 After going to the shops, we found a lovely surprise when we discovered that in the stables there were very lovely sheeps and bunnies that you could give love to. Finally, we left the best thing for the end: chocolate. There was a puoti about chocolate and my eyes couldn´t believe what I was seeing. There was chocolate with unimaginable flavors and with a delicious impression. Only one thing…they were again so expensive, but we couldn’t resist so we decided to buy some incredible chocolates. For my self, I bought vanilla, apple, lemon and strawberry flavor.  THEY WERE AMAZING, probably the best chocolate I´ve never had.

During this visit, we also talked about  Finnish words and traditions related to Easter and the differences between Spain and Finland. While in Finland, the tradition is to eat chocolate eggs, In Spain is a religious tradition.

Of course, we took thousands of photos to post them here. I totally recommend to all of you to go to this little cute place!!

See you soon!!!





















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