Our first meeting: Getting to know

I’m a little bit late because we already met a long time ago with Tiiu and Renata but I just totally forgot to write about it. So we decided to go for a coffee and we went to Sokos, there’s a cafe in 4th floor. We just wanted to get to know each other so mostly we talked about some basic things like our families, Renata’s experience here in Finland, something about our countries and so on. I think it is good to first just get to know each other before we really ”start” this journey together. We’ll i already know Tiiu but I was interested to hear something about Renata and why she decided to come to Finland and so on. Now it’s easier and more fun to start to plan next meetings and do stuff. I also already realised how difficult language portuguese is because Renata taught some words but it was just way too difficult. I think with Tiiu that finnish is so much easier language 😀 but afterall i think that it was really nice to speak in english after long time because i mostly hear english but i don’t have opportunities to speak it. I realised that I have forgotten so many words already and i really hope that this experience will improve my skills. But anyway we had fun and i’m looking forward to the next meetings.

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