7th meeting – bad jokes

Well, today we were both a bit tired for one reason or the other, so we decided not to do anything very demanding.  Ignasi told me a few bad jokes in Spanish. I actually kind of understood all of them when he spoke slowly enough. Not always the comedical value, but at least the meaning of the sentences. It was nice to see that I’m able to understand spoken Spanish, even if just a bit.

– ¿Como se dice edificio en catalán? (How do you say “building” in Catalan?)

– Edifici.

– Ya sé que es difícil ¿pero como se dice?  (I already know it is difficult, but how do you say it?) 

The joke in this one is that the Catalan word edifici sounds like they’re saying “it’s difficult” in Spanish.

– ¿Donde estudian los niños de Bélgica? (Where do Belgian kids study?)

– En coles de Bruselas. (In schools of Brussels/in brussel sprouts) 

In this one, “cole” is a spoken Spanish word for school (I only knew of escuela before this), and “coles de Bruselas” means brussel sprouts in Spanish.  Cole actually kind of reminds me of the Finnish slang word skole, which also means school.

– ¿Por que en Lepe nunca entran en la cocina? (why do they never enter the kitchen in Lepe?)

– Porque hay un bote que dice sal. (because there is a container that says “salt (leave)”)

Here, the joke is about the people of Lepe, who are considered dumb in Spanish jokes (Kind of like the people of Laihia are extremely stingy in Finnish jokes). The punchline is that the word for “salt” and “leave” are the same in Spanish.

New vocabulary from today:

Edificio – Building
Fácil – Easy
Difícil – Hard
Cole – School
Un bote – a container

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