Third meeting: Vocabulary and grammar

This time we decided to study a little bit finnish and portuguese. I taught finnish with Tiiu and Renata taught portuguese. Again I have to say that finnish feels so much easier than portuguese in my opinion:D I think it was quite easy to teach finnish but it was definitely not easy to study portuguese. Almost every portuguese word was too difficult to pronounce. It is not that difficult to write down portuguese but the pronounciation is way too difficult for me. Even though Renata replayed some word five times it was still too difficult for me and I think that for Tiiu too:D and one thing that I found out very difficult is the accents. There are like four different kind of accents in portuguese. So yea, we taught some basic words like greetings, colours and animals. I like different languages so this was interesting. It was also fun to compare portuguese to italian (i study italian). And I feel like I learned something new, I can remember at least some word in portuguese. It is so cool to study portuguese when you can face to face discuss with Renata who is from Portugal. I also hope that Renata learned something new.

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