Learning Animals


Today we met at my place. We had some coffee and talked about animals. We all love animals and find it important that we know what they are in different language.

Some animals (= Animales/eläimet) we translated were:

el gato = kissa = a cat

el perro = koira = a dog

el conejo =pupu = bunny

la serpiente = käärme = snake

la coballa = marsu/hamsteri = quinea pig/ hamster

el caballo = hevonen = horse

la vaca = lehmä = cow

la oveja = lammas = sheep

el cerdo = sika = pig

el pollo = kana = chicken

el gallo = kukko = rooster

el pajaro = lintu = bird

el oso = karhu = bear

el reno = poro = reindeer

el zorro = kettu = fox


carne de cerdo = sian liha = pig’s meat

ternera = nauta = bovine (cow)

It was funny to see how only now we realized what some words we had heard before mean. Like Teresa had obviously seen Karhu-beer in Finland but did not know that Karhu actually means bear, what is the animal shown in those cans. Marisa and I didn’t know that zorro means fox.  Also we realized that it can be hard to translate some animals. Like there are no moose in Spain so knowing a word meaning moose is not so relevant for Spanish people.

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