Sauna and Ice Swimming Experience


Today we decided to do something a bit crazier and give a proper Finnish experience to Teresa. So, obviously we took her to sauna and ice swimming. She has now been in Finland almost a year but only been to sauna once and only for a very small time. She wanted to try it again though so we took her to Kaupinoja’s sauna. Also Maris hadn’t really been ice swimming so we all promised to at least try it.

Some sauna related words:

sauna = sauna = sauna

lago = järvi = lake

lago congelado = jäätynyt järvi = frozen lake

ducharse =käydä suihkussa = taking a shower

nadar en e lago = uida järvessä = swim in the lake

hidratarse = nesteyttää = hydrating

enfriarse = jäähdyttää = cooling

calentarse = lämmittää = warming

grados = aste = degrees

bancos = laude = benches

The sauna was kind of crowded and I who usually love going on the upper levels and enjoying the heat could not since there were some older men who were throwing A LOT of heat. So we all were more than fine on the lower levels and the lake felt so refreshing afterwords.  I’m very happy and proud of Teresa that even she tried ice swimming once! Although she swore that never again xD. Sauna she liked better and hanging out outside in between sauna.

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