Sunny day at Tallipiha


Today it was such a beautiful day that we decided to visit Tallipiha (yard of stables), near Finlayson. It’s this old Finnish area where there used to be the stables of Finlayson family. Eventhough the area around it has adapted to the modern culture, Tallipiha is decided to keep on its old for. Kind of like a small piece of past in the middle of the city.

Visiting here we explained Teresa how Finns used to live in Tampere, the fabric city, on the old days. There were many little shops in the area selling hand made Finnish products such as jewelry made from old Finnish currency and rings made from old spoons. Finland hasn’t had Euro as a currency until 2002. (decided to take it 1999 but actually it made its way to Finnish pockets in 2002) Before that we used to have Finnish mark, and the jeweler were mainly made from pennies. There was even one that was made out of the penny that was made in year 1917, the year Finland became independent. Obviously these were way too expensive for us to buy but it was nice to see them and tell some Finnish history inspired by them.

It was nice to visit here since Teresa had seen it in TV while still in Spain. She knew it’s from somewhere in Finland, but didn’t know where. Now she was finally able to find this place and truly see it. While visiting here we also talked about Easter obviously and how it’s spend in Finland and Spain.

We visited the famous “suklaapuoti” meaning small chocolate shop. There was a lot of chocolate, and all kinds of beautiful pieces of confectionery. There were also some animals, sheep and bunnies in Tallipiha. In summer there is even more but now just these. Teresa absolutely fell in love with them and did not wanna stop petting them.

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