Meeting 3: Finnish private space

For our third meeting Monji suggested to go to the community space of Tribe Tampere, a nice working space with a kitchen, meeting rooms and a small stage. I didn’t know about the existence of this place before, but I was positively surprised.

The funniest things we saw in there were those cabinets which are equipped with a chair, small table and electric socket. There is just enough space for one person and it is pretty quiet when the door is closed – a dream for Finns!


We all took a cup of tea and sat down on a sofa and then just talked a bit and revised some grammar from last time. Eastern was coming soon so we told each other about our plans for the Easter weekend and learned some vocabulary.


Julia’s vocabulary:

Easter Ostern pääsiäinen
Easter Bunny Osterhase (m.) pääsiäispupu
Easter egg Osterei (n.) pääsiäismuna
Happy Easter! Frohe Ostern! Hyvää pääsiäistä!
spring Frühling (m.) kevät
flower Blume (f.) kukka



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