8th meeting – clothing

Ignasi has a Finnish exam coming up, and he wanted to learn some clothing related vocabulary for it. I taught him some in Finnish, and he taught me some in Spanish. I must say I only remembered one word from before, which was zapatos (shoes). Some of the words he taught me I did remember after being told what it was, such as:  pantalones (pants), falda (skirt), camisa (shirt), chaqueta (jacket), sombrero (hat, and yes, any kind of a hat).

Some completely new words I learned:
Hoodie – sudadera
Belt – cinturón
Jeans – tejanos
Scarf – bufanda
Gloves – guantes

I also learned the word bambas (trainers), which apparently is a strongly regional word. For most of Spain, bambas means the slippers you would wear at home, not trainers, but Ignasi swore that bambas is definitely the superior word for trainers.

I also taught him the words farkut and takki, and asked if he could figure out what a jean jacket would be. He guessed farkkutakki quickly enough! I tried the same in Spanish with less success. Jean jacket in Spanish is chaqueta tejana (not tejano chaqueta like I thought). I keep forgetting the describing words always go after the noun, and the gender was hard as well.

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