Personally, I love board games, I spent all my Christmas at my brother’s house playing them and I can say that I am an expert strategist. This was a very fun afternoon and we talked about things in our lives which I do not know if they can be said in public, because they were very personal and I am very happy to have shared these moments with them.

We also spend much of the afternoon talking about what we will do when they visit me in Spain, because I’m sure sooner or later they will come to see me and enjoy the real sun and they will hate the heat as much as I do (although they will love the low prices)


Yksi One Uno
Kaksi Two Dos
Kolme Three Tres
Nelja Four Cuatro
Viisi Five Cinco
Kuusi Six Seis
Seitsemän Seven Siete
Kahdeksan Eight Ocho
Yhdeksän Nine Nueve
Kymmenen Ten Diez
Yksitoista Eleven Once
Kaksitoista Twelve Doce
Kolmentoista Thirteen Trece
Neljiatoista Fourteen Catorce
Viisitoista Fiveteen Quince
Kuusitoista Sixteen Dieciséis
Seitsmäntoista Seventeen Diecisiete
Kahdeksantoista Eitghteen Dieciocho
Yhdeksäntoista Nineteen Diecinueve
Kaksikymmenta Twenty Veinte


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