Lunch in tamk

For our fifth meeting we thought that what better place to meet than the building where we spent most of our time attending (to different) classes.

This was totally snowy and at least I was very excited about it, because in my home town there is never snow. This is what we learned in this meeting:

Lumi Snow Nieve
En puhu suomea I don’t speake finnish No hablo finés
Lumisota Snow fight Guerra de nieve
Maksan kortilla I’m paying with card Voy a pagar con tarjeta
Käteisellä With cash En efectivo
Missä on…? Where is…¿ Donde esta?
Miten voit¿
mitä kuuluu?Miten Menee?
Hoy are you?
hoy’s going
how you doing
Que tal?


Paljonko maksaa? How much ccost..? Cuanto cuesta
Paljonko kello on? What time is it Que hora es
Juoruilla Gossip cotilleo

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