Bearing in mind the fateful result of our first attempt at a Spanish omelette at Vera’s house, I decided that I could not leave Finland and that my Finnish friends did not taste an omelet with potatoes.

So for the eighth meeting I invited them to my residence and I cooked them an omelette, this time successful.

These are some sayings and phrases (and some vocabulary word that came up)

  1. Takatalvi – Winter is back (when you think is already gone) – Vuelve el invierno
  2. Koputa puuta – Knock the wood (touch) – tocar madera
  3. Painaa kuin synti – weight like a sin – pesa como un pecado
  4. Menneen talven lumia(it’s snow from the past Winter) – water under the bridge – Pasado pisado.
  5. Kadota kuin piera Saharaan – It disappeared like a fart in the Sahara – Ha desaparecido como un pedo en el Sáhara.
  6. Keskustori – Central market/place – Plaza/Mercado central
  7. Särkäniemi Huvipuisto – ammusement park – parque de atracciones.
  8. Ryyppyy / huikka – big sip / small sip – Tomar un sorbo grande / pequeño
  9. Bussiasema – Bus station – Estación de autobuses
  10. Vessapaperi – Toilet paper –Papel higiénico.

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