Särkän Märkä 2018. Final post

Our last post is about the amusement park. Everything seemed to indicate that it was going to be an afternoon with a sad sky and a rainy day. But in the end the sun came out and we had an amazing afternoon.

I am very happy to have met Viivi and Vera, I think I could not have had better partners, who coincided so much with me in thoughts and way of being. I’m really going to miss them.

I’ll see you before I go home, and I also hope to see you next year, this time in a Mediterranean country!

Käänny oikeallë Turn right Gira a la derecha
Käänny vasemmalle Turn left Gira a la izquierda
Mene suoraan Go straight Sigue recto
Mene takaisin Go back Vuelve atrás
Ylitä silta Cross the bridge Cruza el puente
Satama Port Puerto
Lentokenttä Airport Aeropuerto
Moottoritte Highway Autopista
Saapuvat Arrivals Llegadas
Lähtevät Departures Salidas
Vene Boat Barco
Lentokone Plane Avión
Kaivinkone Crane Grúa


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