For our seventh meeting we were at The Bull restaurant, finding an hour that suited us was a bit complicated and, in fact, the time was a problem. So we were at five in the afternoon, what I did not know is that Vera and Viivi were going to dinner and I was just going to have a coffee, in the end I ended up having dinner with them at five in the afternoon, unthinkable in a Spanish schedule. I could say that I had a perfect cultural investment.

After leaving the restaurant we moved to Sokos where we spent an afternoon with laughter, coffee and gossip.

Kylmä Cold Frío
Pipo Beanie Gorro
Hattu Hat Sombrero
T-Paita T-shirt Camiseta
Paita Shirt Camisa
Hanskat Gloves Guantes
Lapaset Mittens Manoplas
Housut Pants Pantanlón
Farkut Jeans Vaqueros
Kengät Shoes Zapatos
Saappaat Boots Botas
Tyhmä kuin vasemman jalan saapas Dump as a left leg boot Tan tonto como una bota izquierda
Takki Jacket Chaqueta
Neule Sweater Chaleco
Takki Coat Abrigo
Toppi Top Top

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