Seventh Meeting

We had our seventh meeting at Aleksanterin Kirkko (Church), opposite to metso library. This was decided in our previous meeting so we all met there. Unfortunately, when we went to the church it was closing but we managed to go inside and sit for around 10 min. We read some brochures, Henna told me about different things about the church.

Then, with Elize we moved to Metso library so we can sit inside and have practice the languages. First, we moved around a bit in the library section, went to foreign section to find books in different languages. Then, we went to the music section, we saw the books for musicians which didn’t made any sense to us. Finally, we sat in the cafe in the Metso library.

We practiced by role playing, Henna helped us with out mistakes. We had some discussions about Finnish culture & people. Then we discussed about other cultures too and how they behave. It was an informative conversation. For example, I came to know how many times to greet a person with kiss in different countries. It was different in European countries depending on their culture.

The meeting lasted for a round 2 hours and then we walked back to Keskustori and everybody took their buses and went home.



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