Basic traveling vocabulary

Hi there again. We decided to focus this meeting on learning some useful phrases when traveling so here is a brief summary of what we discussed and learned.

  • Bus- Bus – xe buýt
  • Taxi- taxi – taxi
  • Swimming pool- bể bơi
  • Beach- playa – bãi biển
  • Souvenirs- recuerdos – lưu niệm
  • Tourist- khách du lịch
  • Attractions- atracciones – điểm du lịch
  • Restaurant- nhà hàng
  • Lunch- almuerzo bữa trưa
  • Breakfast- bữa ăn sáng
  • Dinner- bữa tối
  • Police- policia – cảnh sát
  • Hospital- bệnh viện
  • Food- đồ ăn
  • How do I get here?- Como llego ahi? – Làm thế nào để tôi đến đó?
  • How much is that? Cuanto esta esto? – Cái đó bao nhiêu tiền?
  • Please- por favor – làm ơn (but we dont really use it)
  • Thank you- gracias – cảm ơn

It is quite interesting how cultures influence the language. This by using phrases that literally translated would mean different things but when are used as modals they totally have sense and express what they are meant to express.

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