Summer Time

During this meeting, we began the discussion talking about the summer and our cultural habits, what we used to do in our countries.

For example, in Vietnam, there is not any traditional festival in this part of the year as opposed to Peru where in summer we have many festivals/carnivals all over the country. However, something similar we could find, as expected, is that in summer everywhere is time to go to the beach!! And since most of the people have holidays during this time, trips along the country are quite common.

Here I want to show you some drinks that are popular in both countries, and this is the sugarcane water, I was really surprised that people in Vietnam also drink that.


On the left Peruvian sugarcane and on the right Vietnamese sugarcane.

This picture shows the different carnivals and festivals we have during summer time in Peru, from parades with typical suits to people playing with paints in the street.

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